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Non explosive expansive mortar, cracking agent for rock

EXPANDO is an expansive mortar chemical that cracks rocks and concrete It is a concrete cutting, granite breaking and general demolition solution This non-explosive demolition agent is easy to use, cost effective and a safer option for silently breaking up hard materials like rock or concrete.

How to Repair Cracks and Resurface a Concrete Driveway

Our concrete driveway is in need of repair and some damaged areas are wider than what could be termed a “cracks” — more like a shallow hole and the gravel that lies just under the cement surface is exposed Can we still use the procedures for “cracked” concrete or do we need to remove large sections of concrete and start from scratch.

How To: Acid Stain Concrete

With these steps on how to acid stain concrete, you'll achieve a marbled effect on your patio, driveway, or basement floor Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement.

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Acid cleaning is the process used to remove various types of dirt build-up, discolouration, and tarnish from masonry or metals Acid cleaning is common for keeping brick walls, concrete footpaths, and metallic building structures looking clean and new.

Nonexplosive chemical composition for gently breaking rock

Jan 21, 1986· A nonexplosive chemical composition for gently and noiselessly breaking a rock or concrete mass The composition comprises a principal component which is prepared by calcining a starting mixture comprising 100 parts by weight of quick lime and 1-20 parts by weight of calcium fluoride.

How to dissolve concrete! Muratic Acid Hydrocloric Acid

Dec 16, 2012· Just messing around at home dissolving stuff Don't do this without prior knowledge in the effects of acidic properties.

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Aug 30, 2004· I must agree with Pinkfreud's comments about there being no chemical listed that will split a rock just by applying to the surface As a person dealing with chemistry for many years, I would go so far as to say it cannot exist.

Concrete Slab Surface Defects: Causes, Prevention, Repair

Concrete Slab Surface Defects: Causes, Prevention, Repair Figure 3 Drying-shrinkage cracks like these often result from improper joint spacing (A5271) 3 Portland Cement Association Figure 4 Crazing is a network of fine surface cracks (4099) 4.

Dissolving "Hard as Steel" Concrete- Concrete Construction

Q: We are trying to penetrate a reinforced-concrete bunker built during World War II by the Japanese army The concrete is literally as hard as steel I've been told that a product called Ascarlite is a powerful liquid that can eat through concrete with amazing speed Are you familiar with the.

How Much Do Stained Concrete Floors Cost?

How much do stained concrete floors cost? The costs of stained concrete floors can vary greatly, all depending upon the surface preparation, the difficulty of the job, size of the job, the sealer being used and your local market , Acid stained concrete is a mixture of water and acid hydrochloric and acid.

Product Information

Product Information Clean and maintain your tools, equipment, and vehicles with glycolic acid-based concrete remover formulations Attributes • Efficient at penetrating and loosening concrete • Highly effective calcium complexing agent • Low to no corrosion on most metals and coatings.

Does muriatic acid soften concrete

Concrete sealer is designed to withstand chemical attacks Muriatic acid, even at a 30% plus solution is considered a mild attack to sealers The best way to remove sealer is a citrus degreaser.


Limestone, Marble, Concrete - Powdering and Breaking Down From Ac We frequently hear about strong acid ( usually muriatic acid ) being used to clean limestone, marble, or concrete Now that it is too late, you know this should not be done The result can be more than just surface damage.

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The formation of these expansive crystals creates a great deal of pressure inside the concrete and causes the concrete to crack and spall In addition, sulfates are acidic, break down the alkaline environment in the concrete and deteriorate the concrete paste through acidic attack This acidic reaction causes the concrete to weaken and crumble.

Use Muriatic Acid for Tough Concrete Offenders

Use Muriatic Acid for Tough Concrete Offenders , The acid works well on concrete and on many masonry projects because it neutralizes alkalinity The surface becomes “etched” and clean, which allows for the proper adhesion of a new coating Despite its effectiveness, muriatic acid should be used on concrete stains only if you’ve tried.

How to Resurface a Concrete Pool Deck

Aug 22, 2018· Aside from the fact that cracked concrete looks a little shabby, too many cracks can make your pool area extremely dangerous for your swimmers and your wallet Sharp concrete edges aren’t exactly friendly to bare feet And even a light fall on concrete while wearing a swimsuit can mean more than just skinned kne.

Acid Attack on Concrete

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is highly alkaline in nature with pH values above 12 When the cement paste comes into contact with the acids its components break down, this phenomenon is known as acid attack If pH decreases to values lower than stability limits of cement hydrates, then the corresponding hydrate loses calcium and decomposes to amorphous hydrogel.

Concrete Demolition Tools and Tips

Some concrete recyclers (search online for “recycling services”) accept it free or charge a small fee per load Most add an extra charge if the concrete contains steel mesh or rebar Unfortunately, you won’t know if yours has metal in it until you start breaking it apart.

How Do You Remove Dried Cement?

In order to remove dried cement from tile, wood, glass and other surfaces, there are many commercial products available that safely do the job Professionals also recommend vinegar if cleaning dried concrete from hands after working with fresh cement Commercial cleaners rely on acid to break up dried concrete and render it pliable.

Google Answers: Chemical for Rock Breaking

Aug 30, 2004· I must agree with Pinkfreud's comments about there being no chemical listed that will split a rock just by applying to the surface As a person dealing with chemistry for many years, I would go so far as to say it cannot exist.

Muriatic Acid

Washing brick, concrete, or stone with muriatic acid can neutralize alkalinity, allowing paint finishes to last for years Brush or spray on a 1:10 diluted mix of acid in water onto the surface.

Muriatic acid removing a rust stain From concrete 1

Apr 29, 2012· How to use a speed square - Why it might be the most important tool you own - Duration: 7:34 Perkins Builder Brothers 688,999 views.